Famous Las Vegas Casinos

Famous Las Vegas Casinos

Author: Riza
Their poker room has a luxurious feel with plenty of action. They create a special experience for 7 Card Stud devotees by setting great high- and low-limits.

Details like elegant upholstery, wood accents, and modern light fixtures, please even the most discerning players. High-limit slot machines offer players the possibility of huge wins, and gigantic flat screen TVs and comfy leather chairs beckon from the sports book and race lounge.

Another casino that could well be the best casino in Las Vegas is Caesar's Palace, which is situated at 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard in the famous Las Vegas Strip. Caesar's Palace is definitely one of the more famous casinos in the whole of Vegas.

Their gaming area has two wings, the first of which is the newer Olympic Casino that attracts more old school' conservative players who has less cash to burn. The second wing is the older section for professional, high-stakes gamers who are not intimidated by the high bid prices. This older section has more than 2000 video poker and slot machines, craps and blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and other exciting games that are set in up-market surroundings.

Caesar's Palace also boasts a modern and tasteful, state-of-the-art sports book and race lounge with thirty-eight video screens and more than 600 seats. Expect an aesthetically pleasing environment with marble columns, graceful arches and vaulted ceilings. Perhaps it's this beauty and opulence that ensure players to always return to Caesar's, making it a firm Vegas favorite.

Some might argue that the Flamingo Hilton Hotel is the best casino in Las Vegas, situated very conveniently on the Strip at 3555 Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Flamingo has been in business for more than fifty years but the public mostly remembers it for the casino that was opened by the gangster, Bugsy Siegel. The Casino has a festive Caribbean theme that helps players feel at ease, and is conveniently situated right in the middle of all the Vegas fun and entertainment sites.

You won't be disappointed by the hordes of video poker and slot machines, craps, roulette wheels, blackjack casino USA games, and many others.

The Caribbean caters for up-market clients, and you should expect table minimums to be slightly higher than the usual Vegas fare. If you are ready for some high rolling action, this is the place to visit! When you stay at the Flamingo Hilton hotel and are looking for some entertainment, be sure to visit the Flamingo hotel's 15-acre Garden of Eden.

They feature many entertaining shows like "Forever Plaid" and "The Great Radio City Spectacular".

Las Vegas Casinos

Author: Riza
Perhaps no place is that more evident than Las Vegas, Nevada, where the casinos are always packed, and players have a hard time getting in some hotels no matter what time of year.

There is always a debate as to what is the best casino in Las Vegas. But the best casino Las Vegas debate is more than that. It really depends on what you are looking for best poker games.

Bellagio, Most luxurious, The Wynn. Best show? Blue Man Group at the Venetian.
While all of these are debatable, the best casino Las Vegas debate will always rage. More importantly, what is the best casino Las Vegas for the player who simply wants to go to the hotel, drink, gamble and eat and never see the light of day outside, especially when the weather gets over 100 degrees.

Here are three casinos that fit that bill.

  1. MGM Grand. A massive place, the Grand is the best casino Las Vegas when it comes to not wanting to leave. The underground is filled with excellent restaurants; there are several great clubs; and the gaming is outstanding.
  2. The poker room is spacious, the race book is flawed in design but still very nice, and every table game imaginable is available. It is a quick shot to the airport, and you can easily spend several days in the city and never leave the hotel grounds. Almost everything you could possibly need is either in the casino itself or underneath it.
  3. Venetian. When discussing the best casino Las Vegas for places where you have no need to leave, the Venetian ranks pretty high on that list. It also has a nice array of games and restaurants.
  4. However, it is also in close proximity to some other good online casinos, including Treasure Island, which is simply a walk across the street. If you really just want to stay in, gamble and eat, this is your place. It also hosts great shows and there are very good clubs as well.
  5. Bellagio. Many a player has gone to the Bellagio and not even gone outside to see the fountains. This casino is a player’s paradise and is certainly in the mix for the best casino Las Vegas if you are staying in debate.

It is well organized and has excellent games. While the social atmosphere is nice, it doesn’t quite match the top two. But its gaming is superior to both, especially its world class poker room.

Vegas have no shortage of great casinos, depending on your taste. And there is no telling which one is simply the best. But if you are looking for the best casino Las Vegas for some place you just want to stay and never leave, these three works very well and will fill all your needs.

The Mirage Casino

Author: Riza
It is widely acclaimed for establishing a new era of excitement in Las Vegas. It is one of the best casinos in Vegas both in terms of sophisticated amenities and legal gaming and is known for having one of the largest free standing marquees in the entire world!

The Mirage is located on the Las Vegas strip on Paradise, Nevada. It is a hotel and casino resort rolled into one. With around 3044 rooms in the hotel, it is really huge and opulent. It is connected by a free tram to Treasure Island, immediately to the north of the hotel.

The Mirage was built by Steve Wynn and is owned by Mirage Resorts, one of the numerous companies of Wynn. The name of the company was later changed to MGM Mirage. The Mirage was set up on the previous grounds of the Castaways Hotel and Casino. It was opened during November in the year 1989. The Mirage has the prestige of being the first resort that was created with funding from Wall Street with the help of junk bonds.

Mirage introduced several innovative ideas into the casino games industry which were later accepted and carried on by others also.

When it opened in 1989, Mirage was the first of its kind to use security cameras full time on all table games. Concerned about the health of their customers Mirage launched non-smoking tables, thus boldly slashing the age old connection of smoking and casinos. This move actually further bonded the customers to The Mirage.

The Mirage religiously adheres to the American Gaming Association Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming and is thought to be one of the best casinos in Vegas. The Code of Conduct came into being in September 2004.

Mirage has always taken steps to promote responsible gaming and has established many of the AGA prescribed measures. It incorporates responsible gaming into business operations.

Mirage hosts some of the best games and trains employees through a variety of programs and methods on responsible gaming policies and procedures. They provide information to employees about resources for assistance if problem arises.

They serve alcoholic beverages responsibly and in moderate amounts. They monitor the casino vigilantly to prevent underage gambling. Unattended minors are not permitted into the Mirage.

Mirage satisfies all classes of people equally well. It has some of the best casino slots which use one penny to games which use 500 tokens. Mirage offers the best casino games at the industry. It has a number of table games at the Casino.

Baccarat, Black Jack, Crazy 4 Poker Craps, Roulette, Pai Gow, Pai Gow Poker, 3 Card Poker, Casino war etc are some of them. For slot players it has hundreds of options to choose from. There is an active players club at the Mirage. It informs the members about exciting promotions and special events held throughout the year at the Mirage. Membership is easy. Just drop in with the picture ID.

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